Update: Kids Are Going to Code

I’m a big believer that kids should be given access to learning about code and programming. I don’t believe there is any particular right, wrong or best method or language for kids: I think when they go pro, we’re going to have a whole new suite of languages. The most important thing is to teach them that they can solve interesting, relevant problems and give them this skill set generally.

It turns out there are a lot of kids and parents who feel strongly about learning too, but in rural Australia where we’re situated, resources are thin on the ground. So Rex Analytics is about to enter a whole new world of education and training- one with very small people in it. That’s right, I’m running the local kids’ code club this year!

Our plan is to use the resources provided by Code Club Australia and we’ll start out with Scratch, move onto some basic CSS/HTML and then go onto Python, partly because the kids around here like snakes.

Code Club is designed for kids ages 9-12, but in our tiny town, we need to be able to provide activities for younger kids to ensure that all siblings can attend. So we’ll be flying by the seat of our pants with the younger group ages 5-8 and really just letting them guide us. The plan is lots of iPad-based learning which I’ve talked about before.

The school and the P and C are big supporters and I’ve got another parent lined up to help out (thanks Dave!), hopefully more will be interested as time goes on.

Wish me luck. I’ve always had a healthy respect for my kids’ teachers, but I think that’s about to increase exponentially…