Scifi fans tweet and watch Dark Matter at the same time

This isn’t a very serious post. I’m something of a scifi fan and Dark Matter is a current favourite. It screens in the U.S. before it’s available on iTunes for download here in Australia so every Saturday, my twitter feed is full of my fellow fans gushing as I seethe with jealousy.

What’s a nerd to do?

Make a graph, obviously.

Line graph of number of tweets on dark matter

It’s clear when the show is screening, because people start tweeting like crazy. It’s actually pretty fun to watch people’s reactions to a show they love in real time. The good news is, it’s been picked up for a third season. In my view, it’s just hitting its stride.

So apparently this week the Android and team got up to something, it was exciting and I could tell you what everyone said on twitter, post the word clouds and top tweeters, analyse twitter sentiment, create network analyses of cast and fans interacting.. or I could just go watch the show now that I can download it.