Late Night Democracy Sausage Surge

It’s hard-hitting electoral coverage over here at Rex.¬†Democracy sausage is apparently more of ¬†a late night event leading up to the election. Late night tweeting was driving the hashtag up until the close of 1 July. By the end of the day twitter had changed the #ausvotes emoji to a sausage sandwich. My personal prediction is another overnight lull and then a daytime surge on 02/07 petering off by 4pm on the day.

Time series graph of #democracysausage


And just for fun, who was the top Twitter advocate for the hashtag over the last three days? A user (bot?) called SausageSizzles. Some serious tweeting going on there. A steady focus on message and brand.

Bart chart

Meanwhile, as I write Antony Green on the ABC is teaching the country about sample size and variance of estimators at the early stage of counting.

The same as yesterday, check out this discussion on R Bloggers which provides a good amount of the code for doing this analysis.