Rex Analytics

Welcome to Rex Analytics: data science solutions for your business or organisation.

Rex provides data science know-how for corporations, researchers, government and NGOs. Rex has worked on projects across Australia, the Pacific and Asia.

Rex fills an important gap in the data science industry: we provide analytics experience, business insight and theoretical know-how to get your data team solving problems at the next level. With strong experience in machine learning and modelling, experimental and algorithmic design: Rex offers insight on data strategy, solves problems, provides actionable solutions – and shows your team how to get there.

Many of our clients have existing data science talent, but may lack a pipeline with experience, strategic data capacity or strong insights into the statistical/economic background of their models and methods.

Rex fills the gap: we strategise the best data science solutions for your business and mentor your team towards those goals. We provide high level economic and strategy insight combined with more than a decade of data science know-how.

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